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You Stay With Me
Met you underneath the moon
night was over much too soon
we shared a kiss till day light came
and kissed the night goodbye
when the sun came up that day
we smiled and went our seprate ways
but I cant leave the thought of you behind

Oh, you stay with me
you stay with me
oh, in my heart
and on my mind
oh, like a melody that keeps
haunting me
oh, you stay

I look inside the small cafes
and hope by chance Ill your face
I hear your voice and realize
its just the summer wind
something in your eyes that night
swept away this heart of mine
now I just want you in my arms again

Reapeat Chorus

How was I to know in that one night
my whole life would change
from the moment I looked in your eyes
Ive never been the same
and if I could have one chance to have that moment back again
Id never let it end
Id never let it end

Reapeat 1st Verse and Chorus

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