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Spanish Eyes
I met a girl at the carnival
in Rio de Janeiro
we danced all night on the boulevard
in doorways we did the tango

I miss her lips
and the way she sashayed her hips
as she shook her shoulders
I miss the smell of her hair
I dont care if it takes my whole life
to find her

Chorus We were dancing in the summer rain
We were dancing throught the night
she never said her real name
so I called her Spanish eyes
Spanish eyes.....

The sun came up
and the girl was gone
her masquerade was over
I searched the streets
drunk with love
but no one seemed to know her

I miss the touch
of her body so much
I long for the warmth inside her
somewhere in time she will come
back to me
and I'll spend my whole life
beside her

Repeat Chorus

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