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Ricky's fashion file.
20 things that you may not know about Ricky!
More things that you may not know about Ricky


Ricky's bio.

NAME: Enrique Jose Martin Morales IV
BIRTH DATE: December 24, 1971
CUNTRY: Puerto Rico
EYES: Browns
HAIR: Browns
HEIGHT: 6'1" OR 6'0" (NOT SURE)
MOTHER NAME: Nereida Morales
FATHER NAME: Enrique Martin Negroni
FAVORITE FOOD: Italian food
LAST FOOD: Sea food
FAVORITE SONG: Fragile (Sting)

Enrique got his first taste of performing in grade school.. He acted in school plays and sang in the choir. He appeared in many television commercials as a small child and he immersed himself in singing lessons.
At around age 10, Ricky Martin discovered the music of the Latin boy group Menudo and immediately gained an audition. We can say that he had a fragile strat. It took him 3 auditions to earn his place in the band. He got rejected after the first audition because he was too young, the second was because of his height. Ricky Martin finally join the group in 1984. For the next 5 years he did recording work and tours all around the world. Ricky has said that he always needed to be in the spolight.
In 1989, he left the group and he move to New York city were he hoped to have a solo success. He was going only for 10 days... his trip actually lasted 8 month.
In 1992, Ricky released his first album, on sony records, called Ricky Martin. This cd became one of the greatest latin recording album over 10 years.
A year later he released is secod album called Me Amaras. This cd sees the beggining of his success on the latin charts. He also began acting on national television the same year. He got the role of Miguel Morez on the American soap opera General Hospital. He started working on his third album, A Medio Vivir, a year later.
In 1996, Ricky released A medio Vivir. His popular single Maria became one of the highest selling records in '97. Also that year, he got awarded the prestigious role of Marius in the Broadway production of Les Miserables. He also found time to do the Spanish version of the animated Disney film Hercules.
In 1998 Vuelve was released. It debuted at 1st place on the billboards album charts, and it stayed that position for 22 weeks. He also sang the his song The Cup Of Life for the soccer world cup '98.
Then in 1999 his Album Vuelve was named Best Latin Pop Album at the Grammys. That day, all of north america got their first taste of this fabulous singer. He released is first english/spanish album Ricky Martin also in 1999.
November 14th 2000, Ricky released his second english/spanish cd, Sound Loaded. Now Ricky Martin is One of the most popular latin singer in the entire world!