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Drug Catalog Butorphanol:
Opioid – Agonist-antagonist - stimulates k; blocks u
0.2 – 0.8 mg/kg IM, SC, IV (cat, dog)
preanesthetic, sedative, analgesic, antitussive
increased HR, BP, RESP
decreased cardiac output
Panting, ataxia
Stops vomiting, then stimulates digestive tract.
Metabolized by kidneys
REVERSAL : can be used as its own reversal agent

Acepromazine Phenothiazine – blocks a
0.01 – 0.05 mg/kg – IM, SC, IV
tranquilizer, sedative
vasodilation, lowers seizure threshold, antiemetic, antipruritic, stops
epinephrine from causing arrhythmia, hypotension, hypothermia

Anticholinergic – blocks muscarinic receptors of Ach neurotransmitters 0.01 – 0.02 mg/kg – IM, SC
only one to not cross placental barrier
suppresses salivation, less tachycardia, less arrhythmia
decreases acid secretions in stomach – good for ulcers
Cyclohexamine – dissociative anesthetic – binds to u & s receptors
5.0 mg/kg – IM, SC
superficial analgesic – ex. Skin lesions…
w/ acepromazine = anticholinergic
enhanced by Butorphanol
increases circ. Sys., CSF pressure (avoid in CNS trauma), salivation,
ocular pressure
decreases RR, tidal volume
bronchodilation, apneustic resp
avoid in cardiac Dx or arrythmias
metabolism : cats – kidney
dogs –liver

Benzodiazepine – binds to and activates GABA 0.2 – 0.4 mg/kg – IM tranquilizer good for treating seizures can precipitate when mixed (except when mixed with Ketamine) light sensitive increases appetite ( esp. in cats), salivation decreases heart & resp dry mouth, lethargy, PUPD, hepatic necrosis (cats), hyperexcitability metabolized by liver – excreted by kidneys REVERSAL : Flumazinal Dormitor A2-adrenergic agonist Dogs: 10.0 – 20.0 ug/kg IM; 5.0 10.0 um/kg IV Cats: 10.0 – 40.0 um/kg IM ; 10.0 – 20.0 um/km IV Sedative, analgesic Never w/ atropine or glycopyrrolate Decreases heart rate & resp Rise in blood pressure, then crashes Hypothermia, polyuria, emesis, hyperglycemia REVERSAL : Atipamezol (Antisedan) Propofol Acts like Barbiturate – can be substituted with Etomidate 4.0 – 6.0 mg/kg IV – SLOWLY anesthetic (w/in 60 sec, lasts 10 – 20 min.) poor analgesic no Atropine premed. needed premed tranquilizers decrease amt of Propofol needed possible vomiting during recovery Safe for heart patients min. cardiac effect (possible brady/tachycardia) min. resp. effect ( brief apnea w/ rapid IV injection) rapid redistribution & metabolism, some muscle relaxation safe in patients w/ liver/kidney Dx Contraindications: respiratory distress excitation & muscle tremors can exacerbate systemic infections high cost, poor storage REVERSAL: Time Atropine Anticholinergic 0.05 mg/kg (0.5 mg/ml) Mydriatic (counterindicated in patients w/ glaucoma Increases HR Decreases salivation, gastric activity Stops bradycardia, photophobia, crosses blood-brain barrier Metabolized by kidney REVERSAL Morphine Opioid Dog: 0.5 mg/kg IM, SC – 10-25 mg/ml Cat: 0.1 mg/kg IM, SC Analgesia (via CNS) Effects u receptors May produce excitement in cats – effects are dose dependant Decreases resp REVERSAL Epinepherine Catecholamine 0.1 mg/kg increases blood pressure, cardiac output stimulates the heart muscle topical vasoconstrictor, bronchodilator bronchodilator cardiac stimulant, systemic antiallergic, , and topical antiglaucoma agent; accelerates the heart rate BAG Pre-anesthetic Butorphanol 4 ml Acepromazine 2 ml Glycopyrrolate 4 ml Saline 10 ml 20 ml Dosage : refer to chart Reversal: Ket-Val Ketamine 50% Valium (Diazepam) 50% Dosage : 0.1 – 0.14 mg/kg IV Reversal: Flumazinal Kitty Magic Ketamine 1 ml Torbugesic 1 ml (Butorphanol) Metedomidine 1 ml (Dormitor 125 um/kg) Contraindication: w/ cats less than 4 lbs, need to increase Torbugesic Dosage: 0.3 ml / 10 lbs IM only Reversal: Atipamezol (Antisedan)