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October 1st
Ready for tuesday November 14th??? Of course you are!! Anyways guys I just wanted you to know that I found that the title of the new CD and it's called... ... ... Oh sorry I forgot!! hehehe no really the title it's "Sound Loaded" and I'm sure that it'll be GREAT!!! BTW... Have you seen the "She Bangs" video? I personnaly think it's pretty weird but.... HE'S SOO SEXY!!
September 26th 2000
Hey Guys... Ricky Martin's new album will hit stores on November 14th 2000!!!!! I hope you're all ready for it! :)

August 19th, 2000
I'm not the kind of person who likes to write much soo... I'll make it short... I haven't dedicated much time to my site lately because I wasn't home! Hourray for summer! Anyways... I'm going to put a lot of new pictures the sooner as possible... ... Gee there's so many things that I have to say put so little time.. :) well you'll see for yourself! If you have any coments or ideas to make my page better... please send me an email!
bye bye now!
March 28th, 2000
Wow It's been a long time since I write in here... Soo Ricky came To Montreal on the 23th and 24th of march... I couldn't go but my friend did soo I'm going to ask her to scan picturtes and I'll put them as soon as possible on my page! I heared that it was really great!
December 26th, 1999
Sorry Guys it's been a while but to put something new... I don't have much time to work on my Webpage you know... because of school and everything... well... For those who didn't knew.. (I'm sure that we all know this)Ricky is comming to MONTREAL march 23th 2000. There's no more tickets on sale :( Well Well... Anyways... 2 days ago it was Ricky's 28th B-day!! HAPPY b-day Ricky!!! We all wish you luck in everything!!!! Take care!
october 7th, 1999

Hello you People! Big news... Ricky's new video it's shake your bon-bon. Yesterday at E.T. they show a small clip and beileve me it's REALY nice!
September 11th, 1999
Hello!!! Well for those who don't know yet... Ricky is going back to General Hospital. ( Of course you knew ) Wanna know what Ricky's doing for the year 2000 ??? Well he's just going, like everybody else would do (just kidding), to Tibet. I just hope that he won't shave his head again :)
July 24th,1999
Hey, I'm sure that all of you, canadian fans, knows that Ricky is comming to canada for a concert next year (in february). Lets just hope that this time he won't forget his fans from Montreal!
June 25th, 1999
Well I got new news, Ricky isn't comming to Montreal because he is shooting a new video clip but He is going to go to Toronto so watch Musique Plus 'cause it's going to be live from Toronto.
June 23th, 1999
Hey Canadian Fans, For those who didn't knew, Ricky is comming June 16th that means SATURDAY!! He's Comming to Montreal. You can check out Musique Plus if you want more information and... Sorry I don't remember wich chanel it is but Their going to show all Ricky's Clips! Don't miss it!!! Don't ask me for any information because everything is kept in secret.
Now If you live in toronto...Ricky is going to be in town on Friday, June 25, 1999. He will be heating up the city with a visit to Sunrise Records at 336 Yonge Street between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.
May 05, 1999
Hey people Don't miss Ricky may 11th on the Rosie Show and later he'll be on MTV Total Request
April 14 1999

Soo Ricky Martin's new single, Living la vida loca, is now in store!! But his english CD it's only comming out on May 11th soo you'll have to wait a little more!!