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The Cup Of Life
The cup of life
this is the one
now is the time
dont ever stop
push it along
gotta be strong
push it along
right to the top

Como Cain Abel
es un partido cruel
tienes que pelear
por una estrella
consigue con honor
la copa del amor
para sobrevivir y luchar por ella
luchar por ella
do you really want it....

Here we go! Ale, ale, ale!
go, go, go! Ale, ale, ale!
arriba va! El mundo esta de pie
go, go, go! Ale, ale, ale!

La vida es
hay que sonar
ser compeon
las copa es
la la bendicion
la ganaras
go, go, go!

And when you feel the heat
the world is at your feet
no one can hold you down
if you really want it
just steal your destiny
right from the hands of fate
reach for the cup of life
'cause your name is on it
do you really want it
do you really want it

Chorus 2
Tu, y yo! Ale, ale, ale
go, go, go! Ale, ale, ale
tonights the night we're gonna celebrate
the cup of life!!! Ale, ale, ale

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