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20 Things That You May Not Know About Ricky!

  1. Ricky Martin had his first kiss when he was 13

  2. The scariest thing that he had ever done is para-gliding

  3. 3 things that he would bring to a desert island are :
    a Hammock, music and incense.

  4. His favorite childhood memory is going to Disney World with his mom.

  5. Ricky was raised catholic but he's a spiritual person who had explored
    many others religions.

  6. Ricky sees himself as a cultural representative for all latins

  7. Ricky goes to Puerto Rico at least 3 times per year.

  8. He always carries a picture of his mother and grandmother

  9. When he left Menudo, Ricky took a year off and rented an apartement in New York

  10. Ricky eat Kellogg's Raisin Bran every day for breakfast

  11. He Dubbed the spanish version of Disney's Hercules

  12. Every 40 seconds, one of Ricky's song is playing somewhere in the world

  13. Ricky drives a porche

  14. He started siging in the church choir back home in Puerto Rico

  15. Ricky Had a private meeting with the Pope John Paul II and was
    blesseed by him also

  16. Intelligence is the #1 quality he looks fot in the opposite sex

  17. He gives credits to all latins singers who came before him

  18. Before his performance at the grammys, he practiced yoga backstage to
    calm himself down

  19. Ricky most embarassing moment was when he stepped on a rose on stage
    and felt flat on the floor!!!

  20. Ricky Nickname as a child was Kiki, his dad stills call him that to this very day! ( thanx Joanna )


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